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Select your web design company carefully!

So what does it mean to work with a web design company that offers handcrafted websites built from scratch? What’s all the excitement surrounding this highly customized web product and does your web design company offer such an option? The fact of the matter is that the great majority of websites out there are templates or near carbon copies of other websites. The template business is huge and makes sense for those looking to spend very little money for an undifferentiated solution. It’s a quick and cost effective way to get your website up fast – if you don’t mind having a website that looks similar to other sites. On the other hand, if you are looking for a product that is truly tailored to your specific business needs and standing out from the bloody red sea of competition is an absolute requirement, than owning a handcrafted website is the only way to go.
Let’s face it, armed with an engaging website that is truly one of a kind, your competitors are in for a heap of trouble! Web Design Company

At Isadora Design we have a rigorous screening and talent acquisition process. Our web designers are artists and we like to think of our handcrafted websites as little works of art (WhOA!). Each website is built from scratch using only the finest techniques. We begin each project with a interactive sharing of ideas we like to call the ‘brainstorming session’. During the brainstorming session our Creative Director or Project Manager will discuss your target audience and review business goals. Every page of the website is discussed and ends up with a strategy – every element on every page is meticulously considered.

Meeting face to face with a Project Manager is always an excellent way to go as this will be the person you’ll be working closely with over the next 2-3 months during the build of the website. With any website project there should be a clear game plan and the Project Manager should be able to explain that plan in detail. Wireframes may be used on large scale or complex websites to provide clients with additional clarity on where certain elements will be placed on a page. The copyright for the website is often provided by the client as they are the true industry experts. However, even copyright may be purchased for clients who simply don’t have the time or resources to put it all together.

Natalya FioreThe web team should have years of expertise in planning, designing and developing websites. Their portfolio should be stacked with work that inspires you. Remember, no element is too small to consider. Everything about the user experience from style, call to actions, functionality to movement should have been thought through. The project process is also key. Before any designing takes place the Information Architect and web design artist should collaborate to make sure all the elements are considered and strategized. Before development all designs should be reviewed and approved by you. When working with a top notch web design company these separate and clearly defined processes provide you with an ultra smooth client experience. Nobody enjoys dealing with headaches when going through a website build so thorough planning is key. You can also sleep better at night knowing that your web design company has spent several years thinking about these things and will provide you with purposeful decision making.

As with any other service the quality of the work provided by web designers or web design companies will vary enormously. So make sure you spend some time looking at a web design company’s online portfolio and reviewing the individual projects showcased. Remember, not all web design firms are created equal. Make sure that you select the web design company that understands your needs and has a proven track record of delivering high quality work and client satisfaction. You definitely want to avoid dealing with delays, misunderstandings, mistakes, and poor service. I can’t tell you how many clients arrive at our doorstep with a horror story from a previous web designer or low budget option. This is your brand and most definitely not the time to cut corners. In summary, a handcrafted website is a highly customized web product that is well worth the investment for those that are looking to stand out from the competition. As highlighted from dozens of our clients the impact on online presence, credibility and conversion are often quite dramatic.

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