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Optimize Your Website Contact Form

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Is your website contact form optimized for conversion? Thanks to your strong SEO campaigns and social media activities (maybe even your popular industry blog), you’ve observed that your business website is receiving more traffic. Your PPC advertising is also providing a nice boost in traffic as well. Things appear to be looking good, but is […] read more

Benefits of a Professional Web Design Company

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So what are the benefits of hiring a professional web design company? While it may seem obvious to many it’s not a bad idea to post a little refresher. Sometimes pointing out the obvious and explaining it in detail helps clarify things even further. For starters, most established web design companies have several years of […] read more

Amazing Website Design = Marketing Success!

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Does amazing website design really make a difference in the eyes of consumers? Ever wonder how much impact a professional website design will have on your business? A recent survey from the last quarter of 2012 shows that when 250 marketers from US based companies were asked what specific activities contributed to marketing success guess […] read more

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