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Print Design for Los Angeles Magazine

Isadora Design recently published a print advertisement created specifically for Los Angeles Magazine. With a large subscriber base, excellent content and a similar target audience this was a great channel to add to our marketing mix. Although most of our clients come to us for web design and development we also enjoy the creativity of print design. Branching out allowed us to flex our print design muscles!

print design

Our goal with this specific advertisement was to showcase a world of possibilities bursting from various consumer gadgets. The unconventional combination of electronics, nature and flying crafts draws the eye in. Creative typography helped organize a long title while over-sized fonts highlighted specific keywords. Detailed sketch work was added on the left hand side within the iPad and iPhone. We wanted readers to take a second look to find the different pieces within the print design. You can really spend quite a bit of time looking at the various design elements.For example, there are a lot of them in Ouch. Ouch is a huge library of visual content, which offers free illustrations, clipart images and photos. As we were looking for electronics visuals, we have chosen light bulb clipart, phone clipart and microphone clipart images from here. 

print design

Our illustrators did a great job with this creative (especially Thiago who poured hours of time into this) – thank you! It’s not always easy to convey movement but the airplanes, hot air balloons, icons and tiny parachute did the trick! The pen tool, coffee mug and table light give the impression that a web designer had been hard at work. Photo manipulation and retouching were used to help create just the right look and feel for a creative web design company. When you dissect all the layers of design and illustration work that went into this you start to appreciate the different skill sets required to bring this all together. First the concept was hand sketched and then each element was illustrated. Special attention was given to the city, buildings and the bridge on the laptop screen. Photo manipulation and retouching were used on the tree. Lastly the layout was adjusted just a bit to fit the marketing message, logo and branding.

print design

It’s quite a entertaining display of skills indeed and well worth the effort as the final print design was true to the original concept and requirements. It was definitely a fun creative to put together so we hope everyone enjoys it.

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