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Company Logo Design Process

We wanted to provide a little insight behind a web designer’s company logo design process. But instead of writing too much we will allow some of our images to do most of the talking. For this example notice how we start with just a simple idea or style. Our web designers then go to work by finding just the right inspiration and playing with the concept. Next our website designers may sketch out the ideas on paper. In this case we knew exactly what we wanted the fork and spoon to look like so our illustrators dived straight into it. We wanted these illustrations to be vintage in style so we did a couple of them until we had just the right look. Then we moved over to the typography of the company logo design. This was also a custom job that required typography skills. Our web designers took just a few days to produce the style and artistry our client was looking for. For this company logo design we were so excited with the final outcome that we just had to share it with everyone. Needless to say our client was impressed with the company logo design process and the final product.

Follow along in the design process of the Annie Maude Clean Plate Club logo. A female food blogger that writes recipes for California comfort foods and offers private cooking classes.

Company Logo Design

Our client was inspired by vintage silverware. She wanted a company logo design that was ‘modern vintage’ and combined various fonts.

Company Logo Design

Our first silverware illustrations were very detailed and had a hand drawn feel to each of them.

Company Logo Design

A company logo design process should always begin with sketches. After the sketches we took our concepts into illustrator to create the first design round. We created four initial logo mockups using variations of the fork and knife while playing with the vintage style and typography.

Company Logo Design

Our second silverware illustrations were more elegant and refined.

Company Logo Design

These were incorporated into the preferred logo concept with the typography was tweaked and finalized.

Company Logo Design

The final company logo design was created in two different colors, a dark and a light version.

Finding inspiration for a company logo design is something our Sr. web designers are really good at. Sometimes it takes a while to find just the right image or just the right style the client is looking for. Inspiration is the key and you’d be amazed at the infinite number of places and ways one can be inspired. It goes without saying that you can look in a book or at a website or even see something at a local coffee shop that captures your attention and consumes you with the inspiration you were in search of. The inspiration is really the fun part as it often takes you on a little journey. The adventure you go through to find inspiration is just as important as the final destination.

Sometimes a client will come to us with very little in the form of ideas – and that’s ok! Other times a client has a really good idea about what they are looking for. Remember you never want to box a website designer into something too specific as this will often stifle creative ability and the options available for a client. Our suggestion is to have the broad idea of what you are looking for and allow the web design experts to figure out the itty-bitty details. In this manner you empower the web designer to create something that will really inspire and capture attention in a way you never considered. Nothing feels better than a satisfied client telling us how much they love their new business logo.

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